Be available for your customers, whatever channel of communication they choose.

Multibrand Help Centre

Distinguish the identity of your brands by providing each brand its own SmartDesk. Change how your SmartDesk looks, and give your customers different service channels, SLAs, notifications, and Knowledge Base articles for each brand you support.


By creating separate departments within your help desk, you can ensure that the entire customer service effort is organized into manageable sections. Create different departments for product types, subscription levels, or whatever works for your organization. That way, any surge in a particular kind of ticket doesn't bring the whole service operation down.


As simple as an email inbox is, it comes with its set of downfalls. It's a clutter of emails from all your customers, leaving you scrambling to figure out which ones require your immediate attention. You can't really measure progress, nor can you keep track of your previous interactions with the customer from a different channel. That's why you need SmartDesk— the industry's favourite email ticketing system. It's a solution that is just as simple and cost effective, and helps you be far more efficient.


Hook your help desk up to a customer service phone number to receive calls right from SmartDesk. You can then associate the calls with existing tickets or create new ones. Desk gives you all the advantages of traditional phone support, without the usual hangups.

Social Media

SmartDesk integrates the most popular social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, with your traditional customer support channels. You can now respond to your calls, mails, tweets, and posts from the same interface.

Live Chat

SmartDesk's embeddable chat widgets let you be within arm's reach when customers can't find what they're looking for in your Help Center. Your customers can get in touch with your agents instantly, right from the Help Center, so your agents can respond and help them find answers faster.

Zia Voice

Customers can speak or chat with Zia from your website or mobile apps. Zia processes their questions and automatically answers them based on content in your knowledge base. Using a skill builder, Zia can also be trained to perform actions for customers like placing or editing an order.

Ask Zia

Customers can chat with Zia right from your mobile app or website. Zia processes their questions and suggests appropriate solutions from your Knowledge Base. Zia also notifies your managers about topics for which the solutions weren't helpful, thus ensuring there are no loose ends.

Auto Tag Tickets

Zia processes incoming tickets and assigns them appropriate tags. Tags help your agents identify tickets that match their skill sets, and draw on past tickets for reference. When Zia is unsure of what tags to assign a ticket, she asks you. And that's how she learns, so she can help you better the next time.

Sentiment Analysis

Zia can identify the sentiment behind every ticket that comes in. This adds to the context of the ticket, so agents can prioritize and send the best possible response. She even tags what issues might have caused a negative sentiment, so you know what to fix.

Zia Notifications

Zia analyses and identifies anomalies in your team's performance 24*7. When there's a sudden surge in incoming tickets, Zia warns you so you can get more hands on deck. Multiple irritated responses on a ticket? You'll hear from Zia. She even identifies issues that get the most tickets, and helps you improve the strength of your Knowledge Base.

Zia Dashboard

Zia brings together predictions across anomalies, sentiment, trending ticket tags, and more into a common dashboard for decision-makers to consume. They can drill down further into the details from the same dashboard to investigate further.

Reply Assistant

Before an agent can start drafting their response, Zia has one typed out and ready for them. This is based on the content of the ticket and the best match from your Knowledge Base. All it takes is a single click to send this out.

Embeddable Self-Service

When your customers encounter a problem, they tend to leave your website or app in search of a solution. When they find a suitable solution in your Help Center, they come back to your app to apply it.

Don't cause a roadblock. Take your help center to your users instead.

Multi-Brand Help Center

Your customers are happier when they can find answers without having to wait for them. The Help Center makes your team more productive by answering questions before customers contact support. Distinguish the identity of your brands by providing each brand its own Help Center. Change how your Help Center looks, and give your customers different service channels, SLAs, notifications, and Knowledge Base articles for each brand you support.


Build a team of customers and enthusiasts who can help each other answer and resolve issues. This reduces the ticket load on your agents and ensures that your customers' questions are heard and answered.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base Software for faster answers, fewer tickets, and happier customers.

Work Modes

Ticket management just got a lot easier with SmartDesk. With the work modes, Ticket Peek, Advanced Response Editor, and Collision Detection, you can simply log in, focus, and deliver.

SmartDesk offers different ticket views to help you automatically organize your tickets based on priority, due time, status, or CRM status. This helps your agents save time deciding which ticket needs their attention first.

Response Editor

Tailor your responses to suit the situation with the Advanced Response Editor. You can respond much faster using Snippets, intuitive keyboard shortcuts. If you need advice from external partners and consultants, you can simply mark the entire thread as 'Private' and forward the conversation to them for context.


Customer service isn't one person's job. It's not even just one department...So why not tackle every ticket as a team, and bring hallway conversations to your screen?

With @mentions, ticket assignment, and workflow rules, sometimes you don't know which agent to choose. You can now simply tag the relevant team, and let them decide who is best suited for the ticket at hand. That's smart collaboration.


No matter where you are, you're right next to a customer with the SmartDesk mobile app.

CRM Integration

A sale begins when a lead is converted.
Integrate SmartDesk with Zoho CRM and capitalize on cross-selling opportunities—in other words, lead your customers back to the funnel.

Ticketing Efficiency

Simplify repetitive tasks with SmartDesk.
SmartDesk helps you deal with all your routine tasks much faster, with smarter search options, built-in ticket views and easier collaboration tools, so you can focus on the bigger picture.


Define and prioritize your service goals using these essentials, the basic building blocks of all your customer service efforts. Use them to automate several routine tasks and stay on top of your commitments.

Ticket Assignment

Get down to the finer details of ticket management by setting up assignment rules. This way, you don't have to manually assign tickets to agents every time they come in. It gives you more control, and your team more autonomy.

Notification Rules

Acknowledging to customers that you've received their ticket is the first step in building trust. Put them at ease with instant notifications via email, SMS, or both, to let them know that a team member is already on their ticket and will respond soon.

SLAs & Escalations

Service Level Agreements help you automatically set a due time for tickets based on criteria like the channel the ticket came from, the customer who raised the ticket, and the status of the ticket. This helps your agents decide which tickets need their attention immediately and which tickets can be solved later.


SmartDesk provides intelligent workflow automations for your team to deploy so that they can respond faster and make every customer happier.


SmartDesk brings to you Layouts: a collection of customizable fields for each of your departments.


As your business grows, it gets harder to ensure that processes stay on track. In customer service, this is bad news for the predictability, consistency, and timeliness that your customers are used to. This is where Blueprint comes to the rescue.

Custom Functions

Custom Functions are instructions that you can write to make third-party applications blend with your customer service efforts on SmartDesk. Whether you need to add a task in your project management app or send time entries to an invoicing app, SmartDesk lets you do it all.


When it comes to business process solutions, one size definitely does not fit all. Keeping this in mind, SmartDesk offers a variety of customization abilities to work well with the specific needs of your business.


SmartDesk offers a number of add-ons and integrations to help you expand the capabilities of your help desk. You can set up telephony, hook your help desk up with SMS alerts, keep your contacts up to date, and more, with these integrations.

Custom Functions

Custom Functions are instructions that you can write to make third-party applications blend with your customer service efforts on SmartDesk. Whether you need to add a task in your project management app or send time entries to an invoicing app, SmartDesk lets you do it all.

Marketplace & Platform

By building an extension, you can integrate SmartDesk with any web-based product. Connect your favuorite CRM or ERP app for added context. Bring in your project management or inventory app to make follow-up actions quick and easy. Embed a translation app to respond to customers in another language quickly. Integrate a calendar app and manage follow-up commitments made to your customers. You can even write private extensions that are available only to your business.


Use APIs, extensions and mobile SDKs to build on SmartDesk, and create unique experiences for your teams and customers.

Reports & Dashboards

Use detailed reports to understand your team's performance. Built-in dashboards help you track and improve your service using the most common metrics. Get additional statistics by creating your own reports as well.

Time Tracking

Your team's customer service efforts require so many tasks, that it can get hard to keep track of where exactly time is spent. With Insights from martDesk, you can measure how much time is spent on every ticket based on selected departments, agents, and modules. Calls and events are also supported for activity-enabled portals.


Pulling individual reports, finding patterns, scoping out improvements and making decisions—a manager's daily routine can be exhausting. The HQ simplifies all of this by bringing vital parameters to the forefront.


In customer service, the value of management lies in handling the exceptions—those requests that don't fit into your daily routine easily. When you're away from your desk, how do you catch exceptions proactively?

Introducing Radar—a mobile app that brings exceptions to your attention through simple and intuitive dashboards.

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SmartDesk- Data At Your Fingertips

Use the power of customer context to improve agent productivity, promote self-service, manage cross-functional service processes, and increase customer happiness. 

Now, close tickets on-the-go using SmartDesk’s mobile app. Decision-makers can use Radar to monitor ticket traffic and key support metrics, regardless of where they are.

Your Desk is now pocket-friendly. Literally


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